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Humble beginnings

For the past 30 years, Baseline has reached phenomenal heights by climbing the corporate ladder. Baseline started off as a thought from an ordinary Professional Civil Engineer who was looking for that little bit extra within the industry and was willing to risk it all to accomplish his big dream.

At the age of 40 in 1991, Mr. Johan van Deventer had already gained his fair number of experienced years on the clock in various Civil Engineering projects, varying from 4 years with Cape Provincial Administration Roads Department, 2 years as a consulting engineer and 10 years in civil engineering construction.


Time to reach new limits…

Mr. Van Deventer hit the ground running and without consideration, acquired an existing construction company Heather Homes Construction, which would without realisation, sprout out to become the 30-year well-established entity it is today.

After changing Heather Homes Construction into his own domain, he completed a few small projects. By now Johan started to impact the Construction market with his competitive project tendering and with successfully awarded projects, he laid down the stepping stones for bigger things in the making.

Under the guidance of Louw du Plessis Auditor, an organized financial structure was introduced and Heather Homes Construction bloomed into a holding’s entity named Heather Holdings.

Greater than before

In 1993, only 2 years since Mr. van Deventer’s new expedition, he decided it was time to go BIGGER and BETTER and welcomed the first digger loader into the organisation. The “originator” of what would become a significant plant fleet, was delivered to Johan’s house amidst great celebration and the promise of new beginnings. With the new piece of equipment brought on board, sidewalks evolved into roads, pipelines and township construction. While daylight hours were occupied at sites and nights spent tendering and catching up with admin, there was now no turning back.

As more yellow machines and personnel swelled the ranks of the fledgling civil engineering contractor, Johan’s private property was substituted in the latter half of 1993 by a vacant land purchased in Blackheath Industria which we now call our Head Office! A discarded shed sourced from a farmer would become our new workshop. As time passed by, neighbouring land was purchased in 1996 and 1999. Buildings were erected to support a burgeoning Baseline Civil Contractors and Baseline Plant, that has to this day only grown and extended to withhold our professional staff and exceptional plant.


Those we thank

 The evolution of what followed is a mixture of blood, sweat, many tears, hard work and dedication. Through the courage, strength and endurance of amazing employees, many of whom have risen through the ranks becoming leaders and shareholders, the Baseline Group of Companies has prevailed.  Without the support of our diverse clients, professional engineers, suppliers, financial institutions and insurance advisers, Baseline would also not have been the complete success we have become. God has been our grace and glory and we believe and trust that He would keep us in his hand for what is to come.